It’s not illegal per se to use VPNs in UAE. But it is illegal to use them for “criminal purposes”. And “criminal purposes” includes using VoIP to evade telecommunications fees, and for accessing anything that’s explicitly blocked by the UAE government. Such as gambling and pornography. So streaming some geographically-restricted content may be legal in UAE, but only if the content isn’t otherwise illegal there. I gather that the risk of getting caught is low. But the maximum fine is three million AED, perhaps plus serious prison time.

There are ways to make Dubai VPN use less detectable. The best option is using your own private VPN, running on a VPS from such providers as ProbashiCare .

We’ll help you out with a carefully researched, up-to-date list of the best VPN services to rely on in Dubai (and anywhere else in the UAE), whether you’re a long-time resident or simply visiting. We’ll also take a look at some of the major issues with VPN usage in the UAE, as well as debunk some myths regarding VPNs and their legality there.

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