Probashicare started its journey since 2012. Probashicare is a Bandwidth Optimizer Solution for call termination business. Our ideology is very simple. provide best VPN Solution to the customers. Madeena VPN  is the most popular  service provider, not just in Dubai,Oman,Qatar but the entire Gulf region. In case you are looking for a reliable  this is the one we recommend you sign up with of or VPN Reseller.

It has all kind of features ensure your high quality performance, secure network and bypasses all kinds of firewalls. Its Inter calling, SIM protection, & call filtering system is amazing for call termination. Crux, it will help to change your experience. We are serving our clients by maintain consistency & loyalty over the last couple of years with good reputation. 

Probashicare the latest version of VPN. No one can trace our system. As well as we keep strong security for Probashicare web panel login page.It has been launched recently with some tremendous features which triggered you to get a massive performance for your call termination business. So let’s start your call termination business with new features of VPN.

It Performs like A Soft switch For Monitoring Gateway Minutes And Its Cost.

Compatible to Work With All Kinds of Internet Like Broadband, Satellite, WiFi, WiMax, 3G, 4G etc.

Ultra fast anonymous browsing through list of VPN servers distributed across the globe.
Connection through Madeena VPN and change your Ip and Hide your real location
while keeping your connection secure.
Recharge card based signup.
Make your internet browsing faster.
Use it to access blocked websites, video streaming and VOIP calls.