As one of the countries that form part of the Arabian Gulf, the levels of Internet censorship in Oman are among the highest in the world. The government believes in doing whatever it can to protect their people, and from their point of view, the Internet could be very harmful if left unregulated. Despite their honest intentions, the regulations do tend to inconvenience a lot of the people who travel to the state, with work that can only be done with access to the Internet.

There are a couple of other advantages that also come with using Oman VPN connection. One of the biggest is the improved level of security you’ll get to enjoy. With a VPN Reseller subscription, your Internet traffic gets encrypted, meaning your ISP, hackers, and spammers won’t be able to spy on whatever you’re up to on the Internet.A VPN is also an excellent choice for foreign expatriates living in Oman  wishing to access local content from back home like WhatsApp,Viber,IMO,Skype,BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Hulu.